The Journey so far… 

The picture above was taken on 11/11/17 the day I decided consciously to go whole foods plant based. The decision had been a decade in the making. Halted by poor health outwith my control, some conflicting internet messages and then more poor health AND THEN MORE POOR HEALTH! 

I was fed up.

But lets go back a bit…. 

In 2014 I awoke numb in my leg and arm, (I had suffered an 8 month bout of weird neurological issues a few years previously) . So on awaking to this I made an appointment with the doctor for the afternoon and I went to work. After work I saw the doctor who referred me to neurology as he did not like the sound of my symptoms at all. Within days I was tripping on uneven pavements. Then after work one day my limbs started moving on their own. I was so weak and twitching and jerking all over. A call to nhs 24 and a drive to hospital who despite elevated white cells and BP and temp they could find no cause for my crazy movements and because they didn’t know what I had they couldn’t treat me. I was sent home to await the neurology appointment. It took 2 months and in that space of time I needed a walking aid and then was unable to do my job and I had to resign. A couple of appointments later epilepsy was ruled out and I was told I had Functional Neurological Disorder. 6 months later my husband had to resign from his job of over 15 years to care for me full time. Physio had caused a massive seizure. I needed a wheelchair to leave the house. 

2 years later I realised my BP was scary high.  I was up every 20 mins through the night but I put that down to FND and bladder frequency. And the weight i had gained in the years of disability was coming off. After getting my BP checked my doctor decided to do some bloods and I got a 24hr BP monitor.   I had blood sugar over double what it should have been and was told I was diabetic right in time for Christmas! So BP medication. Diabetes medication and cholesterol medication became part of my life too. I was upset because I used to be active, running, long dog walks, aerobics etc (before FND obviously)  

I have done great and despite not being able to exercise anymore. I was able to reduce my metformin medication and things were stable with my diabetes. 

Then I started having real upper GI issues. Gastritis and an inflamed duodenum… I could hardly eat anything. Even a plain rice cake set it off! Agony! Fed up! Nausia! On top of managing diabetes and all the pain, tics, fatigue and seizures i get with FND. I was put on an h2 blocker it reduces stomach acid. 

I had been reading about low carb but if I tried it I felt yuck. So this particular night all I was able to eat was a plate of potato, plain potato! More than anything I was worried about what it would do to my blood sugar! But my blood was the best I had seen it post meal. I was so confused. 

I did some looking into low fat vegan food and diabetes, it seemed that others had also experienced similar. The film “what the health” was mentioned. I figured I would watch it but not yet. 

The next day I had the above meal (the photo is taken before it went in the oven) the meal contained a fair amount of carbs but yet again brilliant blood sugar and not only that my blood sugar came down quicker after the meal. 

After reading more I watched “What the Health” it made sense it was exactly my experience in my blood sugar readings and this food at present was all my gi system could handle low fat plant based. I made the decision to go all out whole foods plant based. 

So this is my little health experiment. I dont know where it will take me. If I can just stop getting sicker. If I can reduce some medicines… That is my goal.

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