Improvements so far

In 2 days it will be a month of whole foods plant based eating. I want to doccument some of the benefits I have noticed and some of the realities. I wish I could say my life has been completely transformed and that I am now entering a marathon or some other equally strenuous challenge. Sadly no. If you want story of miraculous turn around in health then stop reading.  There have been some improvements though so not all is lost. For my reality and the benefits I have noticed. Read on…. 

 I have not been miraculously cured of anything so far. I still have gastritis which is still giving me problems despite no fats etc. So I am now trying my second proton pump inhibitor as I believe the  first gave me terrible migraines.   

FND is just the same debilitating illness as normal. Even with help making all my food from scratch can be a challenge, it is exhausting. Thankfully I got a chest freezer this week so things should be easier as I build up a stock of foods. 

I will find out in January if there is any change to medicines for diabetes, cholesterol etc ( I am hoping to see a reduction in dose of at least one medication) 

Benefits so far have been a reduction in pain. I still need pain relief but not at such a high dose. The downside of this is my tics and involuntary movents are much worse because the pain relief sedated them a bit. 

Ibs is improved. Very regular.  Bonus,  farts don’t smell and poo doesn’t smell  much either 💩.  This was a real surprise. It improved after stopping animal products but wasn’t perfect. I started taking a pro biotic but didn’t notice any other changes.  The biggest improvement however  was after stopping coffee and tea and taking a Tbs of linseeds in water daily. I do still take the probiotic because it can’t hurt, can it? 

Teeth are cleaner and stay cleaner for longer

Body odour, we all get it but when it happens it is no where near as stinky. 

My weight has reduced by 14lb,  please remember I cannot exercise so this is an amazing achievement. The weight loss seems to have stopped now though. However it is early days. 

Supliments I take are a vegan multi vitamin and mineral supplement from Holland and Barrett and a Mega acidophilus probiotic also from Holland and Barrett 

So, the main positive  changes have been reduced pain and better digestion. The down sides some days I am to ill to think about food but that is where the freezer should help. Also my family are fully carnivorous so it can feel like I am a bit separate. I also keep craving chicken but I have not given in to the craving!

 I do feel that this is right for me and it is the most control I can have over my health outcomes.  So I will wait and see if there are improvements in January. Fingers crossed! 

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