Functional Neurological Disorder, Diabetes and it’s friends (high BP and cholesterol) and the occasional cheese slip!

Hello everyone I have not posted any recipes recently because to be honest FND has been kicking my butt.

I have spent the last 3 days attempting to fill in forms for my autistic teens. Thankfully my writing hand was in good form until towards the end of form number 2.

Along with all that I had been discussing various things to do with my own and my children’s disabilities . I was told about a centre that can provide support and restbite etc. So on a better day it is somewhere I would like to pop in to see.

Today I am attached to a blood pressure monitor. I had one on a year past in November (just before my diabetes diagnosis) at the time it was crazy high. I was prescribed medication at a low dose and it appeared to improve. However at every check over the last 4 or 5 months it was only normal one time! So back on with the monitor! So it is looking like a medication increase is on the horizon!

Before November I was what could be considered flexitarian

Then after diabetes came along with cholesterol and high BP just before Christmas 2016 I looked at what I was eating. Apart from switching my slice or two of white toast to wholegrain I was already following their guidelines.

Back in September I got gastritis. It was awful! I couldn’t even eat a rice cake without issue.

I just didn’t know what to do. I ate veg, good meat and sensible carbs but my body was continuing to break.

So I watched “What the Health and the people in the movie got off all their medications within 2 weeks. I was sceptical about the 2 weeks time frame but I had to try.

I have been plant based since 11/11/17

I was told that being whole food plant based would cure gastritis. Recently I have tried to come off my gastritis medication. But within a day I start suffering.

I was told it would lower my cholesterol considerably. I had to ask to half my cholesterol medication which I was allowed to do so that was a small improvement. My ibs has improved improved but still gets flare ups.

I was told it would reverse diabetes. Yet my HBa1c as a meat eater had come down to 56. In the 3 months whole food plant based it dropped to 53. I still need my diabetes medication.

I got my hopes up. FND is nasty and has no cure. Dystonia, myclonus, tics, spasms, seizures, fatigue, pain and serious sensory sensitivites. It sucks and I am used to it but I thought maybe just maybe loading up on veg would help it…. Nope.

I always ate healthy even as a meat eater yet I got Pcos, FND, diabetes etc

Whole foods plant based has given me some minor improvements at the start, but I am still very ill and it has hardly made any dent in my diabetes.

So to all who go plant based and feel amazing and cure all your ailments, fantastic I am delighted for you. However diet is not a cure all and certainly in my experience has prevented none of my chronic health problems. So in a bit of a huff I added cheese to my veggie pasta bake this evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love this way of eating but I do miss some vegetarian foods that use dairy or eggs. So as the occasional treat I will have them.

I suppose I will be a strict vegetarian. I love plant based food and it’s the best I can do for myself but I like the occasional vegetarian flexibility plus my kids will eat some vegetarian dishes but not purely plant based ones.

From an ethical point of view it’s a much better picture than 3 months ago.

So this blog will start to contain some vegetarian recipes too.

We are all at different stages when it comes to eating better and some of us get more than our fair share of challenges to navigate.

Don’t beat yourself up for the occasional slip. If you are chronically ill then enjoyment is hugely important. So if you’re going on a food trip savour it, then carry on.

Don’t be afraid to try. You always find out something about yourself and that always leads to improvements.

If you are like me and chronically ill and have been sucked into the foods cure all trap and not seen much improvement then it’s okay to be disappointed. But it is important to also recognise that eating lots of veg and fruit is good for you regardless of the diseases you are fighting. So don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Where ever you are on your health journey I wish you well.

Thanks for reading

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